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  • 25 September 2014
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The following requirements detail improvements that could be done to Koodo's voicemail application:

1) The voicemail shall allow the user to enter their email address
2) The voicemail shall email the user a transcribed version of any voicemails that are left, along with details of the number the call came from, and time of day
3) The voicemail shall allow the user to opt in or out of this option
4) If this option is selected, the voicemail will have a shorter storage time for unsaved messages
5) The voicemail shall allow the  user to respond to the email with a keyword such as "Save" or "Delete", which will instruct the voicemail on how it should handle the message.

The reasons why this would be an improvement are as follows:

1) The user will have an emailed record of their voice mails. The user will be at lower risk of losing a message that they have written on paper and then deleted.
2) The voicemail would require less storage space because users would not need to store them anymore
3) Some users can check their email from work but cannot check their phones. This would give them access to their messages quicker. 

2 replies

Koodo said to submit out of the box brainstormy ideas, that's what I did. Chill out. And in regards to what you personally would prefer, you must have missed the opt in or out part of the requirements.
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Not only would this suggestion cost thousands of dollars to implement, since it requires that the entire vm system be redesigned from the ground up, anyone who has used voice recognition software can tell you that computers have a great deal of trouble dealing with any kind of accent or background noise. I would personally much prefer to hear the message left as opposed to a 'gobbled miss itch trance lighted buy computer'.