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Voice Mail Troubles.. HELP!

I had updated my plan a while ago and as far as I know it includes voicemail. I have NEVER been able to get it set up. When I try to call my voice mail, it is as if I'm calling someone else's voice mail (it tells me to leave a msg) so I hit * to interrupt it and it tells me my voicemail hasn't been set up and to call from my cell phone, which I had done.. but still nothing! I called tech support about this and they weren't able to help.. they said everything on their side looked fine.. So SINCE I made this call, I have also lost my caller ID.. I'm almost ready to give up on Koodo, which is a shame because I've never had a problem with them until all of this. Has anybody else had this issue? How did you fix it? Please Help!

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Log into your self serve. Click plans and add ons. Then Click voicemail then click reset voicemail password. The default password will be your 10 digit telephone number.
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It actually sounds like your voicemail access number is set to your own phone number. If this is the case, you'll need tocall tech support to find out the correct number.