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Very Displeased with Fido would you like to gain a new customer?

Yes Hello, I am with Fido , and im not pleased and I have talked to a friend of mine who is with you and was just wondering what your plans are like and if there is anything you can do for me because I am locked into a contract with them.

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Hi there Adida... Unfortunately Koodo does not buy out other companies contracts, but, let's start by saying that if you switch to Koodo, get your friend to fill out the referral form at koodoreferral.com so you and your friend can get 25$ towards your TAB... Also check the amazing plans Koodo is offering in the following link, https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html you can port your number into Koodo at any time, you will be experiencing why for 3 consecutive years Koodo is the company with the highest Customer Satisfaction, you will find answers to your questions, you will see how flexible Koodo is, you will have excellent coverage, no LD charges, the most affordable USA roaming add-ons, etc If you decide also to bring the device you are using with FIDO, you will be eligible to receive 10% off your monthly bill or if you decide, you can accumulate 10% of your bill towards your TAB to purchase a phone later on... Check this link http://koodomobile.com/en/bc/about.shtml
Hello Adida, Keep in mind if you decide to "port" your number from FIDO to Koodo, that will immediately cancel your FIDO contract and you will have to pay all cancellation fees (could be in the $100's of dollars depending on how many months are left on your contract. Another option is to transfer your remaining FIDO contract to someone else (family member, friend). You will need to call FIDO to initiate a "Transfer of ownership" and provide the friend's first and last name. Your friend will then need to call in and reference the FIDO account number and request to take the plan over. After a credit check the contract will be under your friends name. This is free to you but you will lose your number. After you are contract free you can join Koodo and enjoy the many benefits that Koodo offers!