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Verification call for all orders or is the process just slow?

  • 13 January 2021
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I placed my Order on a few days ago and for the most part I would be available to answer if there would be a call to verify my order. I would prefer for it to be verified without delays however I will be having Scheduled appointments where I would not be able to answer. I haven’t heard anything yet and it still says “reviewing”. Do they continue calling for verification on weekends too? How long would it delay the process if they called during one of my appointments?  Would there be a call back number or would you have to wait for another unexpected call. Or does not every order get a phone call (mine is a new activation/account)? I have also seen conflicting posts on here from verification takes 1 day then others that took longer. What is a normal time frame for this process?  (order # is HFO28798708) Any help to clarify how this whole process works would be very much appreciated.

5 replies

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I have flagged your question for a rep to look into, @monroe671 :)

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Hi @monroe671 ! Your order has been approved. Once we will send you the phone, you will receive a tracking number on your email address however, for this phone model it will take a couple of weeks. 

@Mihaela Koodo Thank you so much for your response and help. Would you happen to know if a couple weeks means 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks?  Is the couple weeks till the order ships or is that the time it takes till it ships and the shipping time combined?

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The pleasure is all mine! It may take up to 2 weeks according to our website, but that’s the worst case scenario. That’s up to 2 weeks since you placed the order :).

@Mihaela Koodo oh perfect. You had me worried for a minute there. Lol thanks again 😊


thank you you also for flagging my post @Sophia