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Usage Graphics Explained Please...New Customer

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Pulled the trigger last night..Koodo has my Mobile account...I'm just not quite sure about the graphics used in the Usage section...

Under details of the Data plan...its set for 750 Mbs and the first graphic indicates zero consumed.. I registered for a 750 Mb plan...
Data 750MB 0/750 MB

The second indicates Koodo Mobile 94 Mbs used but indicates 94 of Unlimited usage?
Koodo Mobile 94/Unlimited MB

First of all my plan is a 750 MB, its not unlimited...why is "unlimited indicated? Secondly why does the 94 consumed data not appear in the first graphic and clearly indicates 750MB plan?

I have no issues understanding the Messaging section...

Airtime minutes included in the plan is 750 minutes, not the 150 minutes indicated in the graphic.In addition to this it indicates 0 usage when in fact there are 12 minutes consumed although not within consumption hours. All calls were completed after 1700 or 5:00 PM..why is the limit indicator only 150 minutes and why doesn't it indicate that 12 minutes were consumed?

Sorry if I'm confusing you...I just don't understand some of the parameters indicated on the graphics!
Can someone help explain this please??? Or if a Rep sees this post feel free to contact me...
Thanks in advance for your patience and help :o)

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The first week or so of signing up with koodo they give you unlimited data (within reason) to allow for the learning curve of ppl who have never had a smartphone and to set up and see how much data you use incase you think you may need a higher data plan. So after your first bill you'll see the regular alloted data amount being represented
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Okay Koodo gives you unlimited data for either 10 days or your first month so you can get an idea of what your consumption will look like. I can't remember how many days they give you but given the nature of this community, someone will correct me. This minutes thing is proration... Since koodo bills in advance (just like every other carrier) they have to start your month with a few days and then set your billing cycle. Also your first bill is going to be looking wacky. You'll be billed for the first few days and then the next month. So your first bill will be slightly higher than you might expect. Here's the official explanation about proration from Koodo along with a video to help you visualize what's happening: http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill
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Also for air time minutes it will only show minutes used from your allotment.
So minutes used in free time will not show,

Free calls will show on your bill,  but not on the usage graphic.
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I see...thank you...I get it now..Thanks for taking the time to comment!