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UPS Lost My Phone

UPS seems to have lost my new, ordered-online, phone. I submitted a item claim on their website and they seem to have decided the best course of action as to leave me in limbo. Their chatbot says they're still looking. The claim status says they're done looking.

Honestly I'm just wondering where my phone came from so I an see if UPS skipped telling me they sent my phone back to the sender. But I don't know where it was sent from. Just a phone number that may or may not be the place.

Also can I not get billed for a phone I ever got? That would be great.

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When did you order the phone?

If your phone is indeed conformed by UPS as lost, then I would send Koodo a private message via facebook or twitter with your order number and inform them this is the case and you are waiting for instructions on how to processed (getting Koodo to resend or processing a refund)