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upgrading in store

looking to upgrade my phone, but the phone i want is only available in store. I've had my account for a couple years now and was wondering what they do in store? another hit on my credit? just update my info and away i go? or?

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Nothing quite that scary, haha. They will sell you the phone, and depending on what plan you have, give you a choice of which Tab you want to be on. If you have a plan higher than $30, you can choose between Tab S and Tab M. If your plan is below $30, you qualify for Tab S only. If you still owe some money on the Tab, you'll need to pay that off before you can get a new Tab. You can even buy the phone outright and ask for a 10% discount on your plan. There won't be any hits on your credit 🙂
thank you so much!!!.... i'm on a $40 plan and the phone i would like is $0. (tab M) and everything will be all paid off when my new bill arrives (bought the remainder of the tab- just waiting for billing to update and send to me)... just wasn't sure how it was done as my previous phone was purchased online! thank you!!