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Upgrades/Phone swap?

Does koodo offer any kind of phone swap? I have the Nexus 4 but I want the Nexus 5. It came out shortly after I got mine. The thing is my phone is still worth about $400.00 and is lightly used, so what kind of offer does koodo have for upgrading? That's kind of a deal breaker for me, if I can't have the latest toys, what is their use?

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Koodo does offer a trade-in program http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/koodo-trade-in-program but you probably won't get much from that since koodo sold the nexus 4 for $199 at one point to clear out remaining stock. You will probably get a lot more by selling your phone on craigslist or kijiji , etc but don't expect to receive $400 as even nexus 5's usually go on sale for around the $300 mark.
Rogers has an anytime upgrade option. If I am to continue my business with you, what sort of options do you offer? How do I get service with these people without talking on the phone with someone I can't understand!
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Kendra Smith wrote:

Rogers has an anytime upgrade option. If I am to continue my business with you, what sort of opti...

I don't work for koodo I'm simply suggesting options. You can upgrade whenever you want as long as you have either no remaining tab balance or positive tab balance. As I said above there is a trade in program or the option of selling. You can swap your phone if its within 15 days of purchase. Hopefully you find a solution. 🙂
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Rogers anytime upgrade still involves you paying off the subsidy remaining on a phone you got on a 2 year FlexTab you got with them. You can't just keep getting a new phone every X months for free.

Their plans are much more expensive (minimum $80/month) for premium phones, too.
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Sell it to kijiji,that is ur best option. On my experience kijiji is the best! I sold every phones that i dont want and upgrade to a new one. Pay out the tab and upgrade.