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Upgrade question

Is anyone able to tell me how long I need to wait before I can upgrade again? I upgraded a few phones over the holidays but now I cannot upgrade anymore. This has nothing to do with the tab as I ahve paid it out and the account is well over 90 days old. I simply cannot see any phones when I login to upgrade. I feel like I'm on a time out for upgrading too many phones over the holidays. Just wondering if that is permanent or temporary and if so, for how long?

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Oh that's a good question. How many times did you get s phone on tab over the holidays? IIRC there is a "cool down" period if you do too many one after the other. Have you tried other devices and browsers in case that's the issue?
3 phones on the tab. I have tried from multiple browsers but good suggestion. I wonder how long this cool down period is for. Hoping the standard 90 days we wait when we start a new line. but if anyone knows for sure please post.
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You need to contact Koodo directly. I would suggest you send message to their facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Koodo) and ask. If your account has been flagged, it might need someone from Koodo manually remove it.
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According to this page: https://www.koodomobile.com/tab

If you're a current Koodo customer on the Tab, you can upgrade anytime, if you're in good credit standing and pay off your current Tab balance! You could also be eligible to keep your current plan when you upgrade.

Since the tab levels require a certain credit assessment or something and you can be upgraded from tab M to tab L and more, maybe a downgrade is also possible.