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I am thinking to Upgrade from Nexus 4 which I have been using over a year. Suggestions? My thoughts, to try Iphone 5S ! what do you think? also I wanna know if Koodo provides any tab relaxation for old customers?

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Depends on your needs & what you're willing to pay. Personally, I'd say get the Nexus 5 or the S5.
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Also, if you can wait to upgrade you can also try the new iPhone when that comes out next week. That would be a worthwhile upgrade from your Nexus 4 if you decided to go that route. Another thing too, Koodo may drop the prices of the older iPhones as the new one is coming out (nothing official) so that may be another thing to wait on. When it comes to older customers if you have a tab balance still remaining after 3 years you should speak to customer service and see if they may be able to take off the remainder of your tab. If they choose not to waive it then if the amount remaining isn't a lot then you do have the option of charging it to your next bill. If you are on the newer tab system then you would only be able to charge it to your next bill or if you have the money available you can pay it off in store. Hope that helps 🙂
Thanks a lot guys for the help !