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I need to be unsubscribed. Tried everything. Now I am getting very angry cause I keep getting emails.

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You can unsubscribe from GetSat notifications under your profile settings which you can access by clicking on your profile on the top right of the page
I tried everything!!!
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Kim Morris wrote:

I tried everything!!!

If you did, Ahmad's suggestion would have worked. You can unsubscribe from your profile settings. We can't literally do it for you but we can tell you the steps you need to take.
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Hi Kim,

You can unsubscribe from the emails received from the Koodo Community by following these steps:

[b]Log in to Koodo Community
Click on your [b]username (top right corner of your page)
Click on [b]Profile
Go to [b]Email & Notifications
Unsubscribe from our notification by [b]unchecking the little box corresponding to the various types of notification
Click [b]Save Emails and Notification

Have you tried all these steps and it's still not working?

Keep us posted!
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A picture or 3 are worth a thousand rants, maybe: First step

Open up to:

click on  email & notifications, then deselect & save

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BobTheElectrician wrote:

A picture or 3 are worth a thousand rants, maybe: First step[img]https://d1qy7qyune0vt1.cloudfron...

And don't forget to click the save button after making changes rather than just closing the page.