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Unsolicited spam, harassment

Just wondering if you will do anything if one of your phone users is involved in sending unsolicited harassing texts to random people. I just got a text from 587-879-4391 on my work phone. I believe that from a marketing perspective, having text messages like this coming from one of your phones is embarrassing and is very poor advertising. Perhaps you should look into how and why this person is spamming strangers and do something about it. The spam is to advertise some "hookup" website.

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Why do you think this text is from koodo users?
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Well, the number is listed as a Telus Mobility number on localcallingguide.com. Though, with number porting it may or may not be a Telus/Koodo customer.
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Anyone can send text messages to anyone nowadays. There are certainly unscrupulous elements out there who will use this for their own purposes. It's very easy to write a program that generates phone numbers and sends a message. If the phone number is active you get hit. Simple as that. We get tons of spam emails but you are likely not running to your ISP to complain. Download an app to block that number.
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Phone boosters people are there for you to report those unscrupulous people to RCMP for any harassment: http://www.phonebusters.com, or calling: 1-888-495-8501