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Unsatisfactory Customer Service at Perth Ontario Koodo Dealer - any way to lodge formal complaints above store level?

Perth Ontario Telus / Koodo authorized dealer is  one of the rudest, most ignorant women I have ever met. Zero customer service skills, operates on the belief that she is always right, and exerts this belief angrily. Witnessed her make snide remarks to several customers including a senior lady who was having trouble understanding her phone plan. Heard her raise her voice at other customers, and then when we had a complaint about an incorrect charge on our bill she raised her voice at us (even though the charge was obviously incorrect, and was eventually reversed by a Koodo call center representative).  We asked if she could not raise her voice toward us and she responded by yelling at us and completely lost her temper.  She had to leave the store front and take a moment to collect herself in the back of the store.  She may have been having a bad  day for whatever reason, but to treat customers this way is unacceptable.  Completely disappointed with her lack of professionalism.

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Hello Abe.

Someone on this community will see the message and will lodge the complaint. Your voice will be heard I'm sure!
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Hey Abe, thanks for reaching out! This behavior is definitely not a reflection of the customer service that we're proud to offer and we'll forward over your comments to the store manager for further review.  We wish you all the best!

EDIT: We would need more information to find out which location this was at exactly and the time and date.  Can you please send us a private message through Facebook with that info and the link of this conversation? Thank you!