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unhappy with my new plan and cant revert to old one

I am not very happy with koodo right now. A few months ago I got a call from koodo asking if I was happy with my plan. I said I maybe could use more data and on the spot they upgraded my plan from a $30 to a $40, though the salesperson quoted the prices in a deceiving way; she mentioned the current bill including tax and new bill without to make them seem closer in price (5$ difference instead of what is truly closer to $10 difference). this new plan doubled my data and minutes. Now looking at my usage i am no where near my limits and would like to down size. Unfortunately all the under $40 plans have less than 50mb data included so I would be paying the same amount no matter which plan I choose (I need between 50 and 100mb). I just want to put this out there as a complaint that I was convinced to change my plan without seeing all the facts and now the plan I had is no longer offered. I wish I could go back to that perfect plan. To other customers: Beware of unsolicited calls from "customer service"

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Have you tried to call Koodo to and explain this to them and asked them to change it back? If not, I highly suggest you try that first, as you never know