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Unable to send texts

I have the samsung galaxy s3. I switched from mobilicity to koodo on Sep 10 and haven't been able to send texts. I can receive texts, outgoing/incoming calls work, as well as data. Just can't send texts. Well actually there is an exception to that. I've tried test texting many people on my contact list and I can successfully send texts to 2 people, one on Telus and one on Bell. No one else though. I called koodo technical help and the rep did her best to help me. We pulled the battery, sim card, etc. In the end she said she had to put in a ticket to engineering. I thought I'd try here to see if anyone had any ideas? Thanks.

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Did she check to see if your messages were leaving Koodo's network?
She just said everything looked normal on her side, that she didn't see any error messages. I gave her the phone numbers of some family I'd been test texting and she said she could see that my messages got to the koodo servers but she can't see whether it got beyond that.
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Sounds like she made the right call with logging a network ticket then. Not much else we can suggest here, it's in Lvl 3 Tech Support hands.