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Unable to get new phone on tab

  • 19 March 2023
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 Koodo.com is tell me my plan is not eligible for tab. Im currently on 50gb for 55$. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Best answer by Trent Cooper 19 March 2023, 04:41

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7 replies


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Did you get that plan during the last promotion? Was there any monthly credit with it? 

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What phone are you looking at?

Are you trying to use Tab M or plus? It requires $60 plus plan. But, if you use tab basic, then you should be able to keep your plan.





 I've tried each tab option basic-plus I get the same response each time. I upgraded to this plan a few months ago.  My wife has the same issue with her plan, 20Gb-45$.

 These are the plan options if I want a phone on a Tab.


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Strange. If you like, we can flsg a rep to see if there's something particular about the black Friday plans for tabs

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Hi @Trent Cooper 

There is a remaining tab bonus from the previous agreement which may prevent the upgrade.

Please schedule a call back with the virtual assist https://koo.do/Chat , so an agent can further assist.