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Unable ti make outgoing call with another sim

  • 12 October 2020
  • 4 replies


I’m unable to make any outgoing call from my phone from another SIM (Indian). The message I receive is outgoing calls are disabled.

The phone is unlocked, so I don’t understand why it is still disabled.

Any body faced similar challenges with koodo?



4 replies

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If you're trying to connect to someone else's network with someone else's sim card in an unlocked phone, the problem has nothing to do with koodo whatsoever. Contact the provider whose sim card you're using, as the issue is between their sim and their network.

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It has nothing to do with koodo (since the phone is not locked) and everything to do with your phone settings and your Indian SIM. Are you sure that the Indian SIM has been activated?

Check if “Automatic network selection” is enabled. You can also look at the available local mobile networks and select the one you have a SIM for.

Thanks for your response. I will check with my SIM’s network provider on the disabling.

Yes automatic network selection is enabled. It selects ‘Telus’.

Actually, the phone message while making an outgoing call threw me off. It said ‘outgoing calls are disabled on this phone’ so thought it may have to do with Koodo as it used to be working when I was with virgin. Anyway, will do the needful and post here how it went.


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I suppose your Indian SIM blocks calls whenver you are outside of India.