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U.S. citizen wants to sign up for monthly plan

I am in Canada on business from the U.S. . I will be in New Brunswick for approx. 3 months. This morning I tried to sign up monthly plan using my owm Samsung S III and was to that I needed a Canadian credit card to complete. I have American Express which I have used all over the world why not with you folks?

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I believe you'll need to go the Pre-paid route.
Pre Paid is the best choice for non Canadian residents.
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You can use the American Express to make a purchase but they need a Canadian one to do the check check on you. Prepaid will likely be your best route
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As stated by Boolanger in order to get a monthly plan you must pass a credit check, and this would be the same for all Canadian carriers. While your AMEX will work in Canada for purchases it isn't tied to a Canadian credit file and will not work for the check for that reason. As such (again as started by others above) prepaid would be your best option.