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Two questions regarding transfer of ownership details and preauthorized credit card payments

Transfer of ownership: I was using an account owned by someone else and had that account transferred to my name today. There was still a balancing owing. I had preauthorized credit card payments set up with my own credit card and I was supposed to charged in a few days. Will that still be charged to my credit card?

Credit card preauthorized payments: With my new account, I tried to set up preauthorized payments but it wouldn’t let me. I set up the account with my legal first name (because it's on all my ID) but my credit card has my middle name as my first, since it's the name I have always gone by. How can I set up preauthorized payments? I was able to do it with the old account even though its owner had a different first and last name to me. 
I asked these questions to the customer service rep doing the transfer me but she was not clear. It was confusing. I really do not want to call again if that means I get charged $10. 

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I honestly have no clue and I'm not sure someone without prior billing department experience would be able to answer this. I think that you'll be best off calling customer support if you're suddenly getting into issues with pre-auth payments due to different names on cards and accounts.
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Hey Cheyenne! If your credit card was set up for pre-authorized payments your previous account the final payment will go through unless you removed it. If the system is not accepting your new credit card, you would need to contact us (free of charge!) so that on of my colleagues from our payment management team can register your card.  We never charge for transactions that you're unable to complete on self-serve and for help. Let us know if you have any additional questions! 
Melissa wrote:

Hey Cheyenne! If your credit card was set up for pre-authorized payments your previous account th...

Hey Melissa, I am facing the exact same issue, but when I contact you guys nobody picks up the call. Moreover, due to this issue you have applied late charges on my current bill. How do you expect me to pay the bill ? I cant find any option to do it online. #feelingfrustrated!!!