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two phones with the same number?

I am getting calls asking for someone and when I tell them wrong number a lot of them are saying that they called the same number earlier and talked to someone else. Is it possible that there are two phones with the same number? This has happened for over 2 months and I have also gotten random texts saying I have texted them earlier that day.

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Is it possible that you share you phone with someone else. Or you dont see it because so.eone uses your phone on a guest account. Hopefully its just someone sharing your phone. I had this problem a few years back I'm not sure what the issue is to be honest I use to have the same problem and ended up having to just get a new number. I hope you figure out what's causing it.
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Hi Jeffrey, This is not normal since cellphone numbers can only be used on one line at a time. You can get in touch with our Tech Support team at 1866-995-6636 option #6 and they'll be able to look into this more closely. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Hey Jeffrey, if you do decide to change your number you can do so in self serve at no extra charge under mobile phone.
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Is it possible someone is calling the correct phone number, but using the "wrong" area code?