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Twitter: text works, but not pictures?

  • 24 November 2012
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I don't post much to Twitter but will often do so via MMS. Text will work just fine, but even following the instructions for posting pictures which seems to be the same as sending a regular tweet, except there's a picture attached) only makes 'SMS MESSAGE' appear in my timeline. Is there a way to fix that? (I have unlimited SMS and MMS)

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5 replies

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what kind of Phone do you have? - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
LG Optimus One (LG-P500h) running with Android version 2.2.1.
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3G data is turned on on your phone, right?
It is. I can post pictures to Facebook and send MMS to my friends, but it won't show on Twitter other than as "SMS MESSAGE". (btw - on ihana löydä suomalaista ihmista tässä :D)
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Hi Laurie, did you check Twitter's FAQ or contacted their support team? We can't really troubleshhot these issues, unless it's a problem coming from the data connection. Keep us posted!