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Twitter and SMS

  • 15 December 2012
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Hi! Just one question. I'm aware Twiiter has this thing going on where you can send or receive texts without logging in to Twitter on your phone. It's called Twitter SMS or something like that. Now, all my friends from the States tell me that it doesn't charge them to do this. Because I have unlimited texting, does Koodo cover this or will I be fed an extra charge? Also, does it make a difference that I'm from Canada or not?

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5 replies

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It'll work. My wife and I used to use it to txt back n forth. It's not a premium message
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Hey Ashleigh, No need to worry 🙂 If you have unlimited text messaging, you can send/receive as much text messages as you want, as long as you are in Canada, you can text your friends in the US or any other country. Please keep in mind that this applies only when you are in Canada, if you use this service in an other country, your will be charged for all the texts that you send or receive, please click on this link: http://koo.do/Im7Mcg For more information about SMS service via Twitter you can also click on the link below: http://koo.do/VK9N84 Hope this helps!
I'm just wondering is Twiter text considered to be a premium service by koodo now?
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If you're on postpaid (monthly billing) you can text to twitter and it's not a premium message. If you're a prepaid subscriber twitter by txt isn't available.
ok thanks for the info I was just a little confused about a video on koodo's channel on YouTube that mentioned premium text messages and was just wondering if they consider twitter to be premium now.