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trying to set up voicemail after switching phone numbers

I switched numbers a few days ago to a new area code. I am trying to re-create my voicemail but when I dial my phone number the automated message gives me two options: 1. enter my phone number to access my voicemail 2. enter the phone number of the person that I want to reach I tried inputting my phone number into both options and it says it cannot find a voicemail with that phone number.

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Call Koodo Tech support to sync your new VM number to your sim
Hey Simon, that has happened to me as well, and what I did back then was to dial 1+your cellphone number altogether and your cellphone will direct you to your voicemail, once you have accessed your Voicemail the password should be the same as the one that you were utilizing before, but if for some reason is not that one try to use, as a password, your 10 digit cellphone number (this time without adding the number "1" at the beggining). If this still does not work, call the *611 from your cellphone and a customer service rep. can still help you with that. Hope this helps 🙂!
You can also just hop on your Koodo self serve and "reset your voicemail password". Then use your current number as your initial password. Done and Done!