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Trying to Refer a Friend

  • 22 March 2016
  • 9 replies

I'm trying to refer a friend, but when I put in my phone number for Koodo to send me the verification code, I get a red error message that says "Insufficient Rights". I've been a Koodo post-paid customer for +3 years.

9 replies

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Is the account in your name?

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[img]https://uploads-us-west-2.insided.com/koodo-en/attachment/RackMultipart20160322-12108-u90mdp...and from what I gather you enter your 10-digit CELL number in that field and get that error message when you press send code?
[img]https://uploads-us-west-2.insided.com/koodo-en/attachment/RackMultipart20160322-12108-u90mdp...If you are a prepaid customer, it will not work as it is only for monthly customer.  Same goes for if you are a monthly customer and you refer a friend that go for a prepaid then you will not be quality.  I just receive an email saying I am not quality because it was a prepaid account 😞...
Yes - and it does not send me the code. 
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That's really strange Emilie! I would suggest sending a message to our refer a friend team by clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page. Explain what's happening and they will get back to you!
I have similar issue. I get phone is in use.
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Hi Yvette,

It's odd that you have the same issue! I highly recommend you to send a message to our Refer-a-Friend team by clicking on  "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page http://koo.do/1SAmGC8. They'll be able to assist you in order to resolve the situation. 

Hope this helps!