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Traveling out of the country - nexus 5

I just got a nexus 5 and will be traveling out of the country but I'm not sure how to change my phone's service state to roaming. Unsure if it does it automatically or if I just put it on airplane mode or if there is another option?

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If you go to the US, roaming is automatic. Otherwise you'll have to add the international roaming add-on to your account via Self Serve. But roaming can get really expensive. Since you have a Nexus 5, it comes unlocked. Why not just get a prepaid SIM with a carrier in whatever country(ies) you'll be visiting?
Thank you! I'm going to the US for a short time and wanted to keep my phone on for camera use but didn't want to be hit with a bunch of unnecessary charges!
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If you're just going to use it for the Camera, all you have to do is put your phone in Airplane Mode. You'll also be able to browse the Internet wherever Wifi is available
Thank you!