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Transferring SIM Card to another Phone

  • 29 June 2015
  • 3 replies

Can I remove my sim card from my phone (Samsung S3) and transfer it to another one (samsung ace 2)? Will it affect my plan or my bills?

3 replies

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Nope it won't effect your plan or bills. Just put the sim card into the new phone and you're good to go, with the same plan and everything. There are times when you are switching phones that each phone has a different sized sim card slot. In these cases, purchase the apprioate sized sim card you need from a Koodo store/kiosk or retailer and switch your sim card on the account level via self-serve and then just put it into the new phone.
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As long as the SIM fits physically, and the target phone is unlocked or sourced from Koodo or Telus, nothing changes in your plan or bills. Some contractors have an older "beater" phone that they take on the job and something newer with more features for home or office use. Just swap the SIM back and forth. Does not apply to phones that might be blacklisted, but that's a whole other story.
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The S3 takes a micro-SIM, the Ace 2x takes a mini-SIM. You'll need to purchase a mini-SIM if you want the Ace 2x to work because the SIM in your S3 won't fit into the Ace 2x. If you want to keep the original phone number, the SIM card that is in your S3 will be deactivated and the phone number will be transferred over to your new mini-SIM/Ace 2x.