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Transferring phone number to Koodo; not account holder

Can I switch my phone number to koodo if the account is not in my name? It is on our family account, which is in my fathers name. I want to switch to koodo but I like my number.

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From what I know... Switching over closes your old account so if it's a family account I think it will close all the account. Therefore my theory is that it's not possible. But let's see what others say
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I think as long as it's not the main line you should be able to transfer it over. From what I understand your question is that you have your own line that is linked to your father's account and on this account, he has a line, you have a line, your mother probably has a line, etc...

If that is the case, verify with your father to make sure your line is not the main line on the account and you should be able to bring it over, it will just cancel out that one line, you should get your father to contact the provider of the account to make sure there will be no surprises on the account just to make sure! 

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Hey Sarah, 

Both Robert and Mathieu are right. Transferring your number to another carrier will automatically close your account if you only have one line active. On the other hand, if on the original account there are various lines, the only number being cancelled will be the one you are transferring.

If you are interested in more details regarding this type of transfer, you can find them here: http://koo.do/Oqrfk9.

Many thanks!