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Transferred my number to another carrier but still receiving E-bill from Koodo

I don't have a number from Koodo anymore, I used to. I transfer to another carrier one month ago but I received an E-bill of October to be paid by November. I don't know what to do.

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Call Koodo at 18669956636 and speak to a rep so you can get this situation dealt with
Isn't there a way to have an explanation online? I don't speak english very well to speak in the phone
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The only other way to contact Koodo is through email: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/contact.shtml They should reply within 1 business day. However this may be an issue that can't be solved over email. However by neglecting to call them, you are risking having the account sent to collections and ruining your credit if there is a real balance on the account. The first thing you should be doing is checking self-serve to see what that balance is if you're able to log-in. Anyways, either email or call them.
Thank you very much, I will check right now.