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Transfering account holder

I am currently the account holder of my ex's phone. She has been trying to tranfer it into her name, she has gone into the kiosk three times alone the fourth i went with her and we were told that we had to do it by calling in. The only problem is i have been on hold for an hour and forty five minutes last night, a half hour and forty five minutes this morning now ive been on hold for and hour. Is the information true that we have to do it using the koodo customer service accurate? If so is it possible to have them call us back as we both work and have children so we cannot sit on hold for hours at a time?

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I think it would be faster porting to another provider.  You could have done that together at the mall
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They have a call back system.
Call them dialing *611 , option 5 then 0. 
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Hi Cody! It is true that a transfer of responsibility is best done over the phone and that our phone lines are unexpectedly busy right now. Make sure that she has two pieces of I.D. for the credit check. Here's more info on that in case: http://koo.do/LRgn8M. Thanks 🙂