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transfer problem

  • 1 August 2020
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Dear Koodo,

My Koodo account number is xxxxxxx. Approximately 3 weeks ago, I received phone call from Ms. Maria Luisa (your rep) about transfering my koodo to Telus. I accepted. 

However, I asked that not change my numbers which are xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx. She said your numbers will not be change. I receive the sim cards and noreply email. I figure out that my number changed to xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx. I can not change my number due to my connections. I dont want to change my numbers. Will you correct this. 

Another problem is fees. I was told by Ms. Luisa there wont be any additional charge and my montly fee will be 55 cad. However, I receive an email saying 40 cad connection fee and montly fee is 65 cad. 

Please help me on that. I cannot change my numbers. I dont want to change my numbers and I want to pay what I was offered. This phone conversation is recorded. 

Please inform me about the situation. My email addres is xxxxxxxx. I will be out of country 3 weeks. 

I look forward to hearing from you

5 replies

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I have flagged your post for a rep to at least remove all that personal information... This is a public forum.

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Did you switch to Telus?

Now you received the Telus SIM and an email about how to create your self serve on Telus service?

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I just wonder, with all the information some OP’s put on here, how hard would it be to port their number out. You want my pin ? Oh jeez I can't remember that, but I gave you my full name, my account number, all the phone numbers involved, an employees name and my email address and by the way I’m gone for 3 weeks. It seems to me it might not be difficult.

Sorry guys, I thought this is koodo service. I did not know this is public. Tell me how to remove this post. or if you can I would be pleased.


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@Bahadir Yanar Hi! I've edited you personal information, because we don't recommend posting that on a public forum. Also, if you need assistance with the Koodo account, you can send us a private message, on Facebook http://m.me/Koodo, however, if you have already an active account with Telus, and you wish to transfer the existing phone lines from Koodo to Telus, you have to reach out to them, from their official Facebook or Twitter page.