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Transfer my phone number from a lost Sim card to a new one?

  • 15 November 2014
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My phone was lost/stolen. If I purchase a new Koodoo SIM card along with a new phone, can I transfer my old Koodoo phone number onto it?

4 replies

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my sim card lost 19 nov 2017 I want port code .mobile no.902xxxx10.hi Nasim,
There is no "port code". If you lost your SIM, here is what you do: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/reporting-your-lost-or-stolen-phone

This is a 3 year-old thread, many things have changed. If you have a question or need helps, look for a current one, or open a new one.

my sim card lost 19 nov 2017 I want port code .mobile no.902xxxx10.
Thanks for the lightning-fast reply Chad, and for the tip with reporting the theft/loss via self-serve!
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Absolutely, make sure that you log into self seve to report your phone stolen! Your still responsible for any charges the thief racks up.