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Tracking not updated

  • 19 September 2022
  • 6 replies

I ordered two phones, received confirmation of shipment with tracking and the tracking is invalid, and cannot be found for either phone. 

6 replies

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@Sarah4242 It looks like Canada Post just released a tracking number for your order. However, they do sometimes take a few hours between the release of the number and actually working on their site. 

Pls try again a few hours later, I’m confident it will work. 

They sent the tracking number for both orders, but the tracking numbers do not exist with Canada Post. 

Orders were apparently shipped September 18th, with two tracking numbers provided, neither of which exist in the Canada Post system.

So, I’m currently confident it will not update, as it was sent yesterday. Anyone I can talk to before the call back tomorrow? I can’t have these delivered and sitting around, I rely on the tracking number.

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Yesterday was Sunday. Canada post doesn't pick up from koodo on Sunday. 

It is likely the shipping label that got printed and will be picked up later today, at which point the system will update and the tracking number will be in the system.


Also if no one is home to receive the delivery, it will be held at the post office for pick up. It will not be left on your doorstep

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@Sarah4242 If you check now, you will see Canada Post’s tracking working now. 

Also, under ‘details’ it says signature required, so they definitely shouldn’t leave it on your porch.