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tired of the run around on this site

I only, simply, want to see which phone is available before going in to see it physically . The page w phones turns black within seconds. The "contact us " is anything but, just a ...? ... forum w other frustrated users by the looks of it? I have been with Koodo for 6 or 7 years now, but considering maybe switching if this is the best you can offer in customer service. I already don't like doing stuff online, and the kiosk staff are always kids. Any adults anywhere to help!?

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Hello Sarah. Everything works fine for me!

Here's the contact page

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Kids? Everyone who works with wireless needs to be at least of 18 years of age because they're dealing with customer's credit information and sensitive details. The training they provide is the same to everyone. Yes, an "adult" might be more experienced or have a deeper voice that you're looking for but that's not a reason to not visit the store. You're actually gonna have a tough time finding anyone over 30 working there other than managers. That's the demographic of wireless stores. They pay very little in wages but generally pay well on commission, so it attracts young people looking to get their life started.