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They have not reimbursed the data fees which caused by koodo!

Hi, December 23th(i think), I had to buy a new phone from the koodo store (at water,montreal) since I lost my phone at the time, and the store agent download all the apps that I had from the previous phone which ended up paying over 15 bucks on my billing. the agent did not inform me that he was using my data, obviously i dont have any deal with the use of data ,so I called the customer service that night and she agreed to reimbursed the data fees, but they have not give me that money back or adjust to this billing month.! i am so frustrate because I am a student and I don't have enough money to pay over 46 bucks for the phone bills! please recheck and deduct the amount of data fee as soon as possible.

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We don't have access to your account here. You'd have to call in to customer service to get them to look into this. If it is indeed the data charges generating the day you got the phone I'm sure Koodo will reverse the charges.
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If the bill was already processed prior to the credit being given, the credit would most likely be taken off of the next month's bill.