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The report lost stolen phone option needs a better explanation in the faq

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One again a question has come up that left me browsing through the FAQ for an answer. Most of us know that if you suspend your service through selfserves's lost or stolen phone link, that we are still responsible to pay the bill each month regardless if we have a phone. However the FAQ doesn't mention that anywhere. On the contrary the FAQ is very brief stating only that you can suspend your service if the phone is lost or stolen. It'd be great to see a "Heads Up: you're still responsible to pay your bill" somewhere in the FAQ and also on the self serve page below the link. I believe this would avoid the type of confusion seen below and give those of us trying to help a link to show the confused how things work. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i_lost_my_phone_and_suspended_it_a_month_ago_but_they_are_still_charging_me_for_it

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Yeah I can definitely see how people would be confused if they're still getting bills after suspending their device. Good point! +1 to your idea
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Link to current F.A.Q.: http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/sim-cards-and-non-koodo-phones/what-happens-if-my-koodo-sim-card-is-lost-or-stolen
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Great idea! I notice this also confuses people because... It says "Please note there may be a charge for the call." on FAQ page. But if you go to self serve page, it shows Customer Service Rep Charge $0 for "Temporarily suspend or restore a lost or stolen phone"
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Also shouldn't the title be 'what happens if you lose your phone'? I tried to search lost phone it came back with bunch of links, most unrelated to losing phones. It's very rare that someone just loses their SIM card.:-)
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Hi team, the idea now is now implemented. The following copy was added:

While your service is suspended, you will continue to be charged for your monthly plan and any other applicable charges (like your add-ons, your monthly Tab charge, etc.).

Here's the link: http://help.koodomobile.com/lost-or-stolen-koodo-phone/how-to-suspend-service/what-happens-if-my-koo...

Thanks Chad!