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The koodo network is two minutes behind.

My phone is two minutes behind the official time zone. I suppose it's caused by Koodo's network. Is the Koodo team working on it? Thanks Nathalie

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It's not behind. Just google 'what time is it" on your phone and you will see it's lined up perfectly. WHere are you checking the official time zone?
Now, I'm only one minute behind. But I'm still behind... I check my time at www.time.gov and it's lined up with Google. Is it my Nexus 4?
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If you need precise time, then you can disable the phone from automatically synchronizing its time with the Koodo network. You can then manually set your time with whatever clock you wish. From your phone: Settings > System > Date and time
Thank you Chris and quasarito. I set it up and it works perfectly. Actually, it wasn't Koodo network, because my phone was already unsynchronized with the network. I synchronized it and now I'm lined up with the official time. Thanks Nathalie
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I find that particularly abroad the network providers pay less attention to the correct time and often set the time on your phone incorrectly. It has even happened to me in Canada on Koodo. An error more than a minute or two will stop Google Authenticator from working so I had to use ClockSync from the Google Play Store.