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The Giveaway

Run like a lottery, participants in The Giveaway contest have the chance to earn bonus minutes or bonus data to their existing plans. The dealio: Each month, Koodo users can earn one of 20 opportunies to win the above mentioned minutes or data. To enter the contest, users are required to send in at least one creative (or not) photo of El Tabador at locales across the world. How far does El Tabador go? And what does he do? NB - The minutes/data WILL roll over if not used within a month.

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Userlevel 7
I like this but the minutes/ data shouldn't roll over because it will be hard to troubleshoot future problems if everyone's plan has promo here and promo there. Use it or lose it I say
Userlevel 5
Interesting idea but I don't think that bonus minutes and bonus data would be possible... How would you add that in to someone's account? Would it activate immediately? Maybe for Prepaid customers, they can get bonus boosters to their accounts but I don't know about postpaid.