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I think that it would be a great benefit to many to implement getting a message regarding our data usage. An alert or warning that you are getting close to going over your monthly usage. Like the message that we receive when our next bill is due and the amount. This way we might be able to manage our usage a bit better. Less angry customers about their overages! 

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This already exists, Koodo sends out messages as 75% of your usage as well as 95% of your usage. I know I get them.
Oh, I didn't realize that. I have never received them. I only get the ones for my upcoming bill. Do you have to sign up to get notifications/text? If so, where?
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Hi Melissa, You can activate the notification text messages via self serve (on the computer). The steps are as follows: Log in - Select Usage - then select Change Notification settings under Data Notifications - then select On then click on update. It will take effect immediately. Hope that helps answer your question 🙂