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Thanks for launching #123 for Postpaid clients!

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For anyone who doesn't know, #123 is now a self serve automated system for clients! When you dial in you are presented with the following options 1. Account balance (including tab) 2. Usage Summary 3. Payment Options 4. Notify payment has been made 5. Report/reactivate lost/stone phone and reset VM password 0. Speak to a Koodo Representative. Very handy for times when the system is down! And I believe this is probably a free call that doesn't use your mins as well. Kudos to Koodo!

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*611 does the same. What's the diff?
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Chris Petersens wrote:

*611 does the same. What's the diff?

Normal IVR dialing *611, automated system for clients #123 (same welcome message)
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This one is automated & 24/7. You don't have to actually speak to a rep now to get this stuff (some of it may have carried over I've never tried to do any of this over 611). I just tested it... Seems like some of it is the same... Weird... I guess this is good then because it aligns with Prepaid? edit: While trying to listen to all the 611 options it kept glitching and looping for me after option 3. I guess this is just another useful option, and more is better.