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Today I spent about an hour buying a new phone in Cambridge Ontario. I was served by an absolutely fabulous staff person named Amber. I hope I have that name correct! I'm over 60 years old and she treated me with respect and honour. Seldom, have I experienced such wonderful service at any retail establishment. She demonstrated a keen desire to help me understand the product that I was purchasing and the financial considerations involved.It takes a lot to impress me enough that I'm posting this note, but it's the least I could do after being treated so well. Bruce Martin

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I love reps who take the time to really help out a customers and answer all questions instead of rushing them off. I'm glad everything went smoothly for you 🙂
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A good understanding of the product you'll use everyday will go a long way towards ensuring you have a nice experience. Kudos to Amber for taking the time, and kudos to you for asking the questions that mattered to your usage! Also, I'd like to add that this Community is here to help you out in the future if/when issues arise. The only thing we can't do anything about are billing/account issues as these must be handled by Koodo reps. We are a bunch of passionate individuals with a desire to share what we know and help out with the rest! Please feel free to ask your questions 🙂