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Thank you Koodo you've made my life easier! Koodo love!!

This is the easiest cell phone company I have ever delt with.. I am a Koodo for life now!! The Tab, no contract, easy online service.. these are only some of the wonderful things.. The best is my phone gets better coverage and reception then the "big company's" cell's.. You gotta love being one of the only one's in a place with awesome cell coverage 😉

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Hey Amy Furthermore if your phone gets deffective it can be repaired and sent back to you with no charge, Koodo Tech support and customer servive are good,
KOODO is the best no contracts,no overpriced phones and the phones they have are still nice. I will never go back to the big guys koodo knows how to please thier customers with low rate monthly plans.
True. I have other services with another company and was with yet another company before, but my cell is the only thing I don't have headaches about. Every single month I have to call "the other company" for overcharging, spend my time and nerves in trying to get just what I was promised (while they sound like they're doing me the biggest favour in the world), but, with Koodo, I have never EVER had this problem. It is just so easy to be with Koodo...