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Thank you!!

Koodo is a fantastic cell phone and service provider. We, your customers, tell you that every day, week, month and year we return to you for our cell phone needs. As much as I appreciate your phenomenal customer service, hard to beat packages and "never let me down" cell coverage there is one thing that let's me down every month. Where's the Love Koodo?? Where's the love? Every day I see new and awesome deals for "new" customers who sign up. What of us who have been with you for years? Some of us are like Tinkerbell, we need applause to live!! I think a monthly incentive would let your loyal customers feel some appreciation in return. How about a percentage off the cost of a new phone for every month we've been "good" customers. If I decide to get a new phone after two year or three or even after just six months you could offer me 2% off the price for every month I've been with you. ie....2 months= 4%........2 years= 48% off. You could cap it at 50% Not only would this reward loyalty it would also insure people would opt for more expensive phones. If I had a 40% discount....well...I just might spring for the new IPhone, maybe even surprise my son with one. I think that kind of thanks would be fanfreakingtastic!!

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With a 50 per cent discount on upgraded phones, I think Koodo would be bankrupt in 3 months. Sorry, to be a wet blanket.