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Texting while in Europe

How do I send a text to someone while in Europe? Is this even possible? It was no problem while travelling to the US, but I assume that's a shared networks thing.

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If Koodo has an agreement with one of the carriers in your host country, it will work (with roaming fees attached though). One option is to buy a local prepaid SIM card and use that while you're there. It may come out cheaper too!
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Hey Dan Once you have an HSPA (SIM card) phone, you’ll be able to use it while in Europe. You’ll need to add the following features from your Self Serve account: Int’l Dialing and LD Saver at $2 / International Voice Roaming at $0 (to call and text). If you plan on using data you can also add International Data Roaming at $0. From this link: http://koo.do/Im7Mcg at the bottom of the page, choose HSPA then enter the country. You’ll be given the zone (example:1 or 2) with all the applicable international rates. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star