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Text with FREE Msg Photo Downloads.

My Koodo Plan allows me Unlimited Text Messages with Photos. I Do NOT have a DATA plan. Nor do I want or need one. However, in order to get those Photos, I must turn on "Mobile Networks / Mobile Data to actually download/receive the photo. The PROBLEM with this is, the second I turn on Mobile Networks, each and every dang APP is trying to download Updates etc (i.e. FaceBook, Google ...stuff, whatever .. ALL of them). This means I automatically get dinged for a minimum $5 Fee for Data Usage up to "X" number of Kb's. There needs to be a way to download Photos without all APPS trying to update ....i.e. so I never get a Data Usage Charge on my monthly bill. I think Photos sent by Text should be able to come via the same bandwidth (or whatever) as the text OR the Network should know that all I want is the Photo OR there should be a completely separate way to get Images versus when and how my phone downloads APP Updates etc. OR there should be a way to Turn APP Updates OFF until we want the damn things updated ... which for me is either NEVER or only when I am away from home and just so happen to want to access FaceBook etc (which normally I do from home via WiFi). I Love Koodo and my Phone. I HATE the way I get screwed every time someone sends me a photo and I know I have to spend at least $5 extra that month just to see that photo.

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Koodo prepaid does allow this. Might be worth switching if your overall usage is fairly low.
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Are you saying you are not using data all? No need? In that case wouldn't deleting all the apps help with this problem? Or if possible changing the seethings that the apps only work in wi-fi.