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Text Notifications Regarding Usage

Sending text notifications to customers whenever they are reaching their limit of texting amount, calling minutes as well as data; rather than having to log onto Koodo to check the current usage. I think this will be more helpful since many people fail to check their usage amount in time (before it it is too late). With this new function, many customers may no longer have to worry as much in regards to over-usage. 

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I agree! The very reasons you may be suddenly going over your limits may also prohibit you either thinking about checking your usage, or being able to (eg holiday, illness, etc). I recently went way over my daytime minutes when my husband was hospitalized and I was spending way too much time at the hospital and on the phone to various specialists, doctors, concerned relatives, etc. Having notifications would be very reassuring that your next bill wouldn't be a shock!
I agree with this to an extent. I am a PAYG customer and find that the notification texts I get are flawed. I'll add data and within 20 mins I get about 3 texts from Koodo telling me I'm at 95% usage when I haven't even touched my phone! I rarely use data unless I absolutely have to. 2 months ago I spent an additional $20, just for data alone!