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text messaging history show empty records

  • 28 January 2021
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I was checking my text messaging usage on the self serve site, how come there are some dates show for example 10 messages but when i click on the record, they are empty no details. Does that mean there are incoming texts got lost I did not receive?

5 replies

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What do you mean by no details?  

When I expand the date I see sent or received and the phone number.

Can you post a screen shot of you are seeing (note to black out any sensitive data as this is a public forum)?

see the row for Jan 23, it says 1 message but when expand it, it’s empty.  I have other dates that says 11 msgs and also an empty row..



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Try clearing your browsers’s cache and see if that fixes things.


Are all dates like this or select dates?

not all dates

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Is it just recent dates?  Does clearing your browser doesnt fix things