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Text messages are no longer sent to me

Text messages are not coming through msg.koodomobile.com. I setup my web site to send me an email should it detect a problem. I can receive one test message, then I don't receive anymore after that. Here is how I am testing the service: echo "Testing From MyServer"|mail -s "Msg Test 1" 2506185555@msg.koodomobile.com echo "Testing From MyServer test 2"|mail -s "Msg Test 1" 2506185555@msg.koodomobile.com The first one I received. The second nope, third nope, fourth nope. I changed the subject and the message content. This used to work, but now it doesn't. How come?

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Hello Billy,

Emails to SMS work exactly as regular MMS. There are some things that you may try, like rebooting your phone. Also please ensure our Koodo data is on, because this type of messages need an open data connection to be sent/received. 

If this steps didn't work, for further troubleshooting please contact our Technical Support team toll-free 1-866-995-6636, option 6 from another line.

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There are a number of discussions suggesting using msg.telus.com instead of msg.koodomobile.com. I found lots using the search term 'msg.telus.com'. Possibly that would be a solution?