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Hi. I just bought my cell phone a few hours ago and was told that it will take a few days for my landline # to be transferred. In the meantime, I'm supposed to have a temporary number to use. It's not on the paperwork given to me by the store I purchased it from. I registered here with my landline # hoping to find it listed in my account, but it's not here either. Does anyone know?

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Call someone from your cell phone and see what number pops up.
Hi Jonathan. Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought for sure you had such a simple fix (even the woman who sold me the phone didn't know what to do--she sent me here). Well, until this # is switched over, I have 2 home phone #'s. I called my other home # and low and behold, my landline |# is showing up as the cell phone #. Then I phoned my cell phone--that's where the luck ended. My landline phone is ringing and the celll phone isn't. I doubt until this is fixed that I'll only be able to call out. I was told to dial *611 for Koodo help but they are closed until tomorrow morning. Not a big problem, but I would like it to work. LOL
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Unfortunately, during port in activations, temporary numbers are not disclosed anywhere, so it's not even the rep's fault. Definitely call customer service when they're open and they might be able to see it on their end. Or try emailing them. It's available on the "contact us" page.
Hi Jonathan. I just figured the rep would know the procedure. I will call Koodoo tomorrow and hopefully they can help. Thanks again...Sue 🙂
Just came back to update in case someone else is having the same problem. Koodo doesn't say it in so many words, but I don't think there is a temp #. I called this am, the guy put me on hold for about 4 or 5 minutes, came back and said my landline # transfer will complete at noon tomorrow. He didn't ask if I still wanted a # in the meantime. I can wait it out since I'm a new cell phone user (total newbie) and I still can use my home phone. Take care!