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Temporarily deactivate my phone

  • 5 October 2013
  • 3 replies

I would like to temporarily deactivate my phone. What are the consequences, for example will there be a reactivation charge, do I lose my tab.

3 replies

If you cancel your account, you will have to pay the tab off/or lose it. You could always call customer service and see if they could suspend you temporarily for a fee, but it's a maximum of 6 month, but you get to keep your TAB.
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Hi there Danielle, if you are going on a trip, there is a Seasonal Hold plan for 10$ a month (you must call Customer Service to see if your account could be placed on Hold), you will be able to keep the same number, and your TAB will remain on the account... Important about this is, if you have an expired plan and you place your account on HOLD, at the moment you reactivate, you will have to choose an IN-MARKET plan, since Koodo will not have access to expired plans... There is no fee to reactivate the account from Seasonal Hold...!
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A seasonal hold can only be placed on the account if your leaving the country though.