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Tab upgrading help!

can you upgrade your tab at a Koodo location than is different than the one you got set up at? If you had a tab small and paid it out, but have no positive balance, like just paid the remainder of the -$150 you started with owing so your balance is at $0. How would upgrading to tab medium work? Would you have to pay up to it? (Pay your balance up to +$300 ? Thanks!

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You just have to pay off ur tab balance shown in self serve then if ur thinking of upgrading ur phone u just tell the rep that u want a medium tab with the new phone. Then u will have - 300tab balance on ur account
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Andy is correct. Keep in mind that when going to the tab medium you have to have a minimum plan of $30/month + $5 tab charge (this helps pay your tab down faster). Plus when it comes to paying off the tab balance you can choose to pay it off when getting a new phone or going into self serve and charging it to the next bill as mentioned above. Just my two cents 🙂